Your Summer Experience Awaits

Freshly made lemonade. Sand, sun and SUP boards. Trails, trips and summer reading that grips. 

Like fireworks and fireflies that brighten the skies, you can spark and sparkle this summer. 

Whether you love to explore the great outdoors, prefer an indoor environment, have 1 hour or 20, you can make friends and make a difference this summer. 

Volunteering formally or informally benefits you and our community! DYK:

  • Volunteering connects you with your community. You can meet new friends, expand your network and experience creating an impact through collective efforts. 
  • It’s good for you. Really. Social contact and the act of giving to others benefits your well-being. Having purpose and helping others are activators that boomerang benefits of health and happiness. 
  • Volunteering builds and enhances your skills. The opportunity to learn, try potential career paths, meet mentors, expand your perspective and action new opportunities an contribute towards a future career. 
  • BONUS! Fun. Yes, we said it. Volunteering is fun. It can also be interesting, motivating, energizing, relaxing, meaningful. 

Where do you start? Start with the following questions:

  1. What is your passion? Animals, Climate Action, Zero Hunger?
  2. How much time do you have? One hour each week, 3 hours for an event, bi-weekly shift or behind the scenes on your own schedule?
  3. Do you prefer to work alone or with a team?
  4. Seeking an in-person experience or virtual?

Knowing your passion, availability and preferences help you on your path to volunteering. Whether it is informally doing random acts of kindness or formally through a nonprofit or charity, your actions help spread the good; to you and our community. 

This summer, PIN will share weekly ideas for do-it-yourself experiences and highlight areas of interest through our Summer Series of ‘Motivate Mondays’ from 12 – 1:00 pm.

Join us! We will be here each Monday at noon except the Civic Holiday, Monday, August 1.

Media Release – Your Summer Experience Awaits

July 4 – Week 1 Spread the Good

July 11 – Week 2 Host a Food Drive

July 18 Week 3- Give the Gift of Reading

July 25 Week 4 – Create A Card

August 8 Week 5 – Backpacks for School

August 15 Week 6 – Nature and Nurture

August 22 Week 7 Blanket-our-Community

August 29 Week 8 Learn from the Wisdom of Elders

Posted on July 3, 2022

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