Your hobby could be your next volunteer opportunity!

Your hobby could be your next volunteer opportunity!

Who says volunteering can’t be fun?  At PIN, we match potential volunteers based on the right fit, which includes a recognition of your hobbies and interests.  Volunteering is a fabulous way to try something new, gain interesting skills and even develop your hobbies. 

About you:

You love exercise and movement:

You love reading:

You love nature:

You love animals:

You love the arts and crafts:

You love working with your hands:

You love recreation and sports:


About you: You enjoy organizing and guiding, have a passion for visioning and strategic planning. Perhaps in a committee role for a one-time fundraising event or in a Member role on a Board of Directors. You are a leader who enjoys governance.

  • Board of Directors roles here.
  • Committee roles here.


Your hobbies and interests can help guide you to your perfect match. On our database, you can create a profile where you can choose your areas of interests and receive alerts when the database has a match. It is easy as 1, 2, 3! Click here to get started.


This is part of an ongoing blog series to celebrate National Volunteer Week from April 24-30, 2022


Posted on April 29, 2022

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