Featuring Alex Zantout


PIN is pleased to feature Alex Zantout in our 3 part series on the Young Professionals on Board (YPOB) program as we seek to appreciate participants, employers and local nonprofits and charities participating in this unique program. 

Why Young Professionals on Board? Alex was looking to volunteer in his community through PIN and came across YPOB and immediately found it interesting and engaging. He was paired with the Crime Stoppers board and couldn’t have been happier.

Standout moments… The highlights of experience with YPOB included spreading awareness on prevention of crime and human trafficking, and collaboration with other community partners to build a safer and better place to live.

The experience… Alex was able to build his professional skillset through volunteering with YPOB on the Crime Stoppers board.  The skills he was able to develop include: skills in crisis and change management, strategic planning (especially during a pandemic), analyzing and comprehending financial statements, the importance of fundraising for non-profits and the need to build a strong network with the community to grow and sustain a positive environment for future generations.

Biggest takeaways… Alex notes having a 360 degree perspective on topics discussed and having the empathy to understand other’s point of view has contributed to his success in volunteering.

Outside of work and volunteering… Alex likes exercising, outdoor activities, reading articles on business trends and health.

Entering into its 5th year, the Young Professionals on Board (YPOB) is aimed at connecting young professionals with established leaders in our community.  Young professionals, up to the age of 35 years, will be matched with mentors who sit on a local Board of Directors. This project will provide the opportunity for young professionals to learn about board governance and, with the assistance of a mentor, participate in the governance of a local nonprofit agency. The goal of the program is to increase community leadership capacity to support succession-planning for quality board leadership in the nonprofit sector.

YPOB continues to add value to those that participate, and mentoring boards and our community is better for it. If you wish to participate (as a mentor/mentee) or nominate someone you know can add value to the nonprofit world, please visit this link or contact [email protected]

Learn more about the work of Crime Stoppers and how you can support this local organization .

Posted on March 17, 2021

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