“We are deeply grateful”

“If you are wondering if the people who live here in Guelph have the strength to build up our community during a global pandemic, look no further than the beautiful example that volunteers at Chalmers Community Services Centre (CCSC) have shown these last few months.” says Sarah Dermer, CCSC’s Program & Volunteer Coordinator. “We are deeply grateful to everyone who has worked to provide food to those in Guelph who are experiencing food insecurity.”

With 3 staff and over 90 volunteers, CCSC offers food, clothing, diapers, bedding, sundry household items and mending to vulnerable people experiencing insecurities in our community. 

When COVID-19 hit, CCSC had to act fast to support members of our community and do so safely for both the volunteers and their guests using Public Health safety directives.

Volunteers stepped up to help with curb side food pick-up and recruited family members to help out as well. Volunteers started picking up food or supplies, driving around with their masks and gloves at the ready.        

Some of these wonderful volunteers are: Susan Murray, Anne Ball, Hillary Schlaht, Randy Brant, Debbie Stanley, Debbie Vanderkraak, Susan and Dan Snelgrove,  Alex Klein, Linda Paul, Andy Ailovich, Ashleigh Cass, Gustavo Betini, Arty Miller, Wally Keip, Domalin Ponayo, Erin Mancini, Diane Miron, Ardeth Jarvis, Sasha McInnes, Jyothi Ipe, Ali Jukes, Jennifer Reilly-Smith.

A special shout out to Zoila Young, an ongoing volunteer for the last year and a half, who decided that she would do whatever it took to fill in the gaps.  Picking up eggs, packing bags and portioning food. Zoila is volunteering 2-3 times a week and does the work of 4-5 people.  With humour and enthusiasm, Zoila keeps coming back, week after week.

To top off the amazing and beautiful outpouring of people power and support, Steve Pierce continues to support staff in his role as Chair of the Human Resources Committee and Peter Gill has stepped into the role of as Volunteer Executive Director. With the rest of the volunteers on the Board of Directors making tough decisions during a tough time, Chalmers could not have asked for a better support team during a pandemic.

‘Thank you so much, Chalmers!  You’ve really made me feel like I’m part of a community!’ -CCSC Guest

CCSC is open to anyone who is in need of healthy groceries.  Donations of just $20 can provide 1 week of fresh food for someone in need.  Learn more about the programs and services at Chalmers Community Services Centre or how to make a donation by visiting https://chalmerscentre.ca/


Posted on September 1, 2020