Volunteers support ‘Lending is the New Spending’.

“A world where communities find joy in sharing; the mission of the Guelph Tool Library is fueled by volunteers with a passion for sustainability, zero waste lifestyle, poverty reduction, and fighting climate change.

Operating since 2016, the Guelph Tool Library has over 500 members and an inventory of over 1000 tools. Voluntary efforts have supported 12000 loans and diverted over 5000 kg of waste from landfill through their programming and continue to have plans to grow and expand.

Who manages the inventory of tools and facilitates member loans? The dedicated efforts of Volunteer Librarians! This committed group of volunteer librarians has doubled in size since it began and keeps the doors open every week continuously innovating to manage access even during the pandemic.

The Guelph Tool Library Volunteer Librarians “ensure we can meet members’ needs, checking in and out tools, picking reservations, welcoming members in, answering members’ questions, in addition to keeping our inventory up-to-date, ensuring our protocols are being met and most importantly, creating a beautiful community environment where everyone feels welcomed and excited to be a member of the Guelph Tool Library.” says Sarah Dermer, Volunteer Coordinator.

“It’s a diverse group of experienced folks and new folks” continues Sarah, “we’ve got young folks and less young folks and you know what? It’s wonderful to see so many new volunteers be as excited about the Tool Library as our more experienced librarians.”

Inspired by the mission to ‘build community resilience by engaging its members in sharing knowledge, skills and resources’, the Guelph Tool Librarian volunteers believe in “a world where communities find joy in sharing” and are leading the way in a sustainable, accessible and innovative ‘lending is the new spending’ model.

Tuesday through Thursday and Saturdays, both afternoon and evening, the Guelph Tool Librarian volunteers are providing a high level of customer service, maintaining an organized, efficient library of products and inspiring others. The impact of their volunteer efforts is an incredible asset to the community and affects positive change through every tool, loan and member served.

To power the aspirations to grow and expand, volunteer support is crucial. Through training and mentoring by an existing Volunteer Librarian, new volunteers are well equipped to serve, lead and inspire others to take action for a zero-waste lifestyle.

The Guelph Tool Librarians are shining examples of how a community can rally together in support of a cause, affecting positive change and doing good for our community and the climate. Their individual and collective action is leading the way like beacons of light showcasing their belief, commitment, adaptivity and perseverance. Without the invested volunteer involvement, “we wouldn’t be able to open our doors every week and be the wonderful community resource that we are here in Guelph” says Sarah.

Learn more about the Guelph Tool Library, membership and how you can support through volunteering at guelphtoollibrary.org.

Posted on April 25, 2022

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