Volunteering touched Jennifer and Jayme’s family

jennifer and jayme

Jennifer Tremaine and her daughter Jayme volunteer together with the Canadian Cancer Society. This mother-daughter duo became involved with the organization after Jennifer attended a youth engagement fair and realized what an impact the organization’s volunteers have on the community. She immediately signed up as a volunteer with her daughter!

Since then, Jennifer and Jayme have sold daffodils in April to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society. This year the dynamic duo were the top sellers for Wellington County! When asked about the secret to their success, Jennifer revealed that it’s important to stay polite, positive and smiling regardless of whether someone decides to donate. When people would initially say no to buying a daffodil, it was always a nice surprise when they would later change their mind. Jennifer and Jayme found it touching to know that people had the opportunity to leave without giving, but after some reflection would donate to the cause. Moreover, seeing a bright smile from Jayme after a donation was given, made Jennifer’s experience of volunteering with her daughter extra special.  

Jennifer and Jayme have also volunteered with Bracelet of Hope and contributed to community tree-planting activities. When the duo are not volunteering, they continue to use their teamwork skills in their kitchen at home when cooking together.

Thanks for all your great work Jennifer and Jayme. Families like yours enrich our community!

Photography by Seth Partridge

Posted on October 24, 2016