Thank you Peter!

“Having retired from fixing computers since 2012, Peter Jaspers-Fayer is now able to indulge, almost full-time, his passion for the outdoors, back-country camping in conjunction with long hikes, bicycling, canoeing, kayaking, and sailing” says Focus on Nature Executive Director Simon Bell.


“For the past two years, Peter has been volunteering with Focus on Nature, where he is able to do some of the things he loves most: walking in the woods, taking pictures, watching young people become more aware of the natural world, and seeing their pride in the beautiful pictures they take. Everyone is always amazed at the beauty of their pictures, and the kids’ ability to find things that nobody else has seen. Peter finds volunteering with Focus On Nature very gratifying, because the kids, their parents, and their teachers praise the program, and staff almost every day. Working with other likeminded volunteers and staff that also enjoy and believe in the program adds to his enjoyment as well” says Simon.


Peter’s passion for the outdoors also led to a path as a volunteer leader with Scouts Canada for 20 years, working with youth from 5 to 17 years of age. With the older youth, he has loved the experience and challenge of camping in all four seasons; with the younger ones, he has played many games, and led countless hikes in the woods. In addition, Peter has embraced his passion for the outdoors through volunteering with the Guelph Trail Hiking Club, leading hikes for both kids and adults, editing their newsletter, and maintaining a section of the Speed River trail west of Guelph.


“As a Scout leader of many years, I find it easy to relate to young people outdoors, and I find the great enthusiasm of the youth in this program to be contagious. As a volunteer, I find the almost universal approval of the program by the youth, parents, teachers and the other volunteers to be most gratifying” says Peter. “A highlight of my volunteer experience with Focus On Nature was “watching a quiet young girl, not sure of herself and obviously not much used to being outdoors become chatty and happy, and incredibly “into” peering into and under everything to find something unusual and beautiful to capture with her camera, and share with everyone” shares Peter.


Finding and following your passion can lead to incredibly meaningful experiences that extend throughout life’s journey. Peter Jaspers-Fayer is a shining example of finding meaningful volunteer experiences through his passion for the outdoors, photography and young people. “I find Focus On Nature to be useful and fun, and I hope it continues to thrive and expand to new cities.” shares Peter.


Thank you, Peter, for all that you do to keep your community connected to the Great Outdoors!

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Posted on August 2, 2017