Nathan Rossi


Nathan Rossi, a grade 11 student at St. James Catholic High School, is an exceptional youth volunteer! This summer Nathan volunteered 247.5 hours at the Sport n Swim camp with the City of Guelph. In this role he assisted camp counsellors with the day to day activities of camp, acted as a peer role model and facilitated friendships amongst shier participants. Nathan enjoyed his experience so much that he is committed to coming back next year and applying for a counsellor position.

Nathan’s coordinator, Sarah Farwell, said, “What made Nathan an exceptional volunteer was his enthusiasm and positive attitude. It was contagious! Also, his commitment and kindness made campers feel comfortable approaching him for anything.”

In addition to volunteering at camp, Nathan is also an active motivational speaker with the Heart and Stroke Foundation. He speaks at events like Big Bike, Jump Rope for Heart and at various local schools.

Nathan, thank you for your voluntary efforts! Without volunteers like you the camp would not have had such an amazing summer!

Posted on December 2, 2014