Joy Sloan


After moving into the Elliott Community in 2012, Joy Sloan immediately became involved as a volunteer as a way to be involved and meet new people. Since then she has contributed over 1075 hours, an accomplishment she humbly speaks of: “I have had so many wonderful opportunities in my lifetime – and here is just one more. It’s just so wonderful to meet all the people and be of help.”

Joy is involved in a number of ways. She volunteers in the tuck shop and plays piano for chapel services and music therapy programs. Sometimes she even busts out her accordion and plays old songs during holidays, like Thanksgiving!

Volunteer coordinator, Michelle Schefter, says, “Joy is always willing to help out and goes the extra mile to assist when needed – and ALWAYS with a big smile. Joy is one of the reasons why we are able to provide high calibre support and services for our residents.”

As a retired teacher who previously worked with Trillium Demonstration School for students with learning disabilities and at a maximum security prison teaching music and literacy, Joy understands the transformative power of music and the happiness it can instill.

Thank you Joy for sharing your musical talents, care and vivaciousness with your neighbours in the Elliott Community. Your contribution is truly appreciated.

Posted on November 12, 2015