Guelph Youth Council

youth council

The Guelph Youth Council (GYC) is a vibrant group of youth volunteers ages 13-18 who strive to enhance youth culture and advocate for the youth voice in our community. To do this they plan a series of special events for Youth Week, liaise with City Council and volunteer at various community based events. They also put on a performing arts showcase called Music Works/Stage Works with the River Run Centre and last year they hosted a Regional Youth Leadership Forum at the University of Guelph.

Between September and June 2014, GYC members dedicated more than 3500 hours of volunteer service and engaged more than 1600 young people in youth council activities. This is a big achievement, and for GYC member, Sophie, this is precisely the reason she thinks volunteering is so great: “It allows you to be a part of something that’s bigger than yourself.”

This group of youth proves that an investment in young people is an investment in the future, that there is strength in diversity, and that youth bring with them a unique and important viewpoint.

GYC coordinator, Jenn Bucci, says “[GYC youth] are outstanding mentors and have continuously shown commitment to developing leadership, engaging and empowering their peers, as well as raising awareness of the positive contributions that youth are making in our community.”

Guelph Youth Council, thank you for your contributions to making our city an inclusive and welcoming place for youth. It is inspiring to see you represent and empower your peers.

Posted on May 12, 2015