Bree Woods


Bree Woods is a committed and inspired Hillside volunteer who is passionate about waste, environmental responsibility, recycling and up-cycling.

Bree started volunteering with the festival as a teenager, but five years ago she increased her commitment and became the crew leader of the Waste Management Monday team. The role is yearlong and she spends many hours over the festival weekend visiting campsites to encourage others to leave the space cleaner than the way they found it. Bree also attends other festivals to look at how they manage waste to identify innovations that would work for Hillside.

Cate McParland, volunteer coordinator for the festival says, “Bree is always thinking about and creating better ways to deal with garbage at Hillside all year long. It’s not unusual to receive an email from Bree in November elaborating on a new idea.”

In addition to these efforts Bree has also joined Fairy Fest and is spearheading the Guelph Lantern Festival, a new art installation event.

Bree, thank you for devoting your energy to encouraging environmental responsibility in Guelph!

Posted on February 12, 2015