Volunteer Roadshow


The Volunteer Roadshow takes place every April. Local non-profits in Guelph & Wellington County travel together to high schools and put on a volunteer fair during the school’s lunch hour. It’s a chance for non-profits to visit students and inform them about volunteer opportunities with their agencies. On the flip side, students can explore the wide variety of volunteer opportunities available so they can complete their 40 hours of community service and beyond.

Why is this important? The Roadshow facilitates community connections in three main ways:

  1. Students have a better understanding of how to get involved and the wide variety of choices they can explore.
  2. Non-profit agencies increase the profile of their work with the youth population and build good community relationships with schools and students.
  3. Schools have increased capacity to help youth connect to volunteer opportunities and recommend volunteer placements.

Does this sound like a program you would like to get involved with? Whether you are a student, a representative from a school or non-profit agency, contact us with your questions!