Conestoga College Volunteer Management Program

This national program is offered in partnership with the Volunteer Management Professionals of Canada. The program and its courses align with professional and program standards established by Volunteer Management Professionals of Canada, Volunteer Canada and the National Occupational Standards.

The new delivery format allows individuals from across Canada to actively participate in the program. Individuals start the program in September and graduate in June.  The program consists of three consecutive courses that can be completed entirely online.   Each course is 12 weeks long and 42 hours in length. Individuals complete one module per week at a time that is convenient for them.

What makes this program different is that it is portfolio based, not project based.  The assignments are relevant and customized for your organization, such as policies and procedures, applications, recruitment plans, interview templates, orientation outlines, planning and evaluation tools.

The program is ideal for anyone who works with volunteers, from small faith-based organizations to community centres to large hospitals or municipalities.  The skills are highly transferable for supervisory or leadership roles.  It provides a foundation for individuals wishing to pursue a CVA designation in Volunteer Administration.  It is not appropriate for individuals who hold a CVA.

If you are trying to budget, each course will be approximately $360.00.  There are two textbooks, the hard copy is approximately $110 and the E Books approximately $35. The two textbooks are used for the entire program. All of the other reading resources are provided. 

Before registering, individuals are required to submit brief description about their goals for taking the program and describe their experience working with volunteers to ensure an appropriate fit for the program. Once your status is confirmed you are required to officially apply to the program and complete a program registration form. There is a one-time $30 fee to officially register for the Volunteer Management Certificate Program (#1239). 

Contact: Deborah Young, CVA
Email: [email protected]  
Website: Volunteer Management Certificate Program

Posted on April 17, 2019