Time to Give with PIN

Today marks the annual Time to Give Breakfast, held by PIN, The People and Information Network during National Volunteer Week, from April 7 – 13.  National Volunteer Week is the perfect time for this celebration of the power of giving, as volunteers give their time, expertise and passion to make our community grow.

Time to Give is an annual celebration of these everyday heroes.  A breakfast is followed by a keynote speaker, with a goal of leaving the audience with a rejuvenated enthusiasm for doing good in their community, whether that be through volunteerism, philanthropy or other.

This year’s Time to Give we share:


Good for Individuals. Good for Community. Good for Business.

Volunteers contributed two billion hours to Canada’s work effort in 2017. This volunteer contribution is valued at $55.9 billion; equivalent to 2.6 per cent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP)Conference Board of Canada

Volunteering is a vital resource and, if volunteering were an industry, it would employ nearly as many people as those currently working in education.

It’s good for individuals. Volunteering supports skill development, sense of belonging and well-being.

It’s good for community. Volunteering builds and strengthens resiliency, cohesion and social inclusion.

It’s good for business. Attracting talent, Stakeholder Relations and Employee Engagement.


Eric Shirley, Manager Corporate Events and Projects at Volunteer Canada


Children’s Foundation of Guelph Wellington

Habitat for Humanity

HOPE House

The Letter M Marketing

Today, we celebrate not only what volunteers do for our communities, but what volunteerism does for us as people.  It gives us purpose, connection and empathy for those around us.  It gives us new perspectives and experience, and provides a deeper understanding of what it means to be a community member. If you’re still not convinced,  check out this article by the United Health Group about how “Doing Good is Good for You.”

This is part of an ongoing blog series to celebrate National Volunteer Week from April 7 – 13, 2019.

This series is generously sponsored by the Old Quebec Street Shoppes.  Located in the scenic heart of downtown Guelph, Old Quebec Street occupies a unique role in the history of the city—a role which continues to evolve with time. Part shopping centre, part office space, Old Quebec Street provides a charming and memorable experience to visitors; an experience that is intimately tied to its history.


Posted on April 12, 2019