Thanks, and Well Wishes to a Local Leader.

Announcement: Christine Oldfield is on a new leadership path.

Guelph, Ontario | March 18, 2020 

Since she joined PIN – The People and Information Network (formerly the Volunteer Centre of Guelph Wellington) in 2005, Christine Oldfield has been an integral team member and leader. Initially supporting the Volunteer Centre’s volunteer program followed by leading of Membership Services, Christine supported local nonprofits and charities to recruit volunteers and promoted volunteerism in our community.

Following her role as Interim Executive Director, supporting inaugural ED Cathy Taylor, Christine moved into the role of Executive Director in 2013 and has continued to inspire the spirit of volunteerism in the community and share her gift of leadership to grow the organization further to include the development of the Executive Director Peer Group (EDPG), EDPG Symposium and Young Professionals on Board.

Peter Barrow, Chair of PIN, said: “Christine has been the heart and soul of PIN in many capacities for 15 years and has given the very best of herself to the organization during that time. We will miss her significantly and wish her every happiness and success in her new role, as we thank her for all she has done for PIN and its members.”

Christine will be joining 4H Ontario in the role of Executive Director and will remain with PIN until the end of March when team member Kim Cusimano will support the organization as Interim Executive Director. Kim joined the team in 2016 with a background of over 20 years in volunteer engagement as a leader of volunteers, programs and events.

“Kim has been an integral part of PIN for several years and will take on this new role with the commitment and creativity that she has demonstrated in so many ways for PIN, already. It will be a pleasure to work with her as Interim Executive Director” shares Peter.

Posted on March 18, 2020