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As PIN wraps up our Youth Engagement Project, PIN is highlighting one participant who participated in all aspects of the Project. The Youth Engagement Project took place through the summer months and into the Fall and finished with a Virtual Youth Summit. The Project aimed to engage youth in volunteering and to obtain Community Involvement hours. This project was funded with thanks to the City of Guelph through the Emergency Grant.

The Youth Engagement Project provided youth with the opportunity to work with PIN through curated volunteer opportunities, a volunteer feedback survey, DIY Volunteer Opportunities and a Virtual Youth Summit.

The individual we are highlighting participated throughout the Summer in our DIY volunteer opportunities and attended our Virtual Youth Summit. Sundal attends Centennial Collegiate Vocational Institute and is in grade 10. As part of one of her DIY Opportunities, Sundal completed the graphic shown and learned about the importance that mental health plays in our community.

Sundal “likes volunteering, I have volunteered to shovel snow for elderly people in the Snow Angels program. I hope to get more volunteer hours as I’m applying for more volunteering opportunities for myself. I love helping people, being with animals and participating in painting/arts”.

Through her experience as part of the YEP, this is what Sundal said:

“I learned about how to gain volunteer hours during high school and the virtual meetings really spread awareness about important topics such as discrimination and what other people have gone through. I learned about other people’s experiences during the Youth Summit because of the guest speakers. I found it really helpful that I learned about a lot of different places where I could gain my volunteer hours from. I learned how to step out of my comfort zone and participate more in different opportunities for myself. I also helped my friends participate in the virtual meeting of the Youth Summit event for them to get some volunteer hours as well.”

And Sundal really “enjoyed listening to all the volunteer options I have and everything I could participate in. I loved hearing the guest speakers talk about their experiences and listening to them spread awareness for different issues in the world”

Thank you to Sundal for participating in the Youth Engagement Project and for your volunteer contributions –you’re willingness to help others in our community is inspiring.

To learn more about youth volunteering, check out PIN’s resources for youth here and review some of the latest youth volunteer opportunities.

For more information, contact Vanessa Lodge, Communications & Program Coordinator, at [email protected]


Posted on December 16, 2021

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