Thank you Marj!

Definition: Marvelous – superb; excellent; great; such as to cause wonder, admiration, or astonishment; surprising; extraordinary.

“The Heart and Stroke Foundation – Wellington/Dufferin chapter feel that the above definition perfectly describes Marj Euale.” says Area Administrator Beth Kerr. ‘Marvelous Marj’ joined the Heart and Stroke Foundation in 2008 during the annual door to door Heart Month canvassing campaign as a Person to Person Captain/Canvasser. In addition to canvassing and acting as captain and mentor to 10 – 20 canvassers, Marj, a retired teacher, jumped on board to assist with the Jump Rope for Heart campaign.

Marj was soon assisting with event day pickups from schools, counting money back at the office, receipting, drop offs and generally adding sunshine to the office when she arrives to “do what needs doing; Marj leads the way with smiles and laughter!” says Beth.

“My volunteer experience has always been a positive time. I have met many amazing people who regularly give of their personal time to help others” says Marj, “I was an educator and my students took part in ‘Jump Rope’ and so I decided to start canvassing door-to-door, because I was impressed with the program Heart and Stroke provided the schools.”

Jump Rope for Heart has made a lasting impression on Marj as she shares highlights of her volunteer experience. “Going to the schools and watching the kids participate with great enthusiasm in the ‘Jump Rope’ program to volunteering with people from all walks of life; people who just want to help a good cause” says Marj.

“Volunteers are truly the Foundation of Heart and Stroke, Marj and others like her enable our chapter to reach out and increase our visibility in the community and we just simply could not do what we do without their assistance” shares Beth. The admiration is mutual as Marj notes “I feel like the office staff in Guelph are good friends and I am always impressed by their positive and caring attitudes when working with volunteers.”

“We truly value Marj and thank her from the bottom of our hearts for her contribution to the Wellington/Dufferin Heart and Stroke Foundation and for her assistance in making our tagline real!” says Beth – “Life. We don’t want you to miss it.”

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Posted on March 7, 2018