Thank You Kathy!

‘I would love to get involved there!’ thought Kathy Andrews after visiting a National Volunteer Week celebration and Open House at PIN (formerly the Volunteer Centre of Guelph Wellington). 10 years later, Kathy’s love for the work of the organization and impact of Kathy’s support continues.


‘There are many highlights of my experience with PIN’ says Kathy, ‘I have to say that the most rewarding aspect of working here is a combination of meeting the public who come in for help to find the services they need, and also people who come in to search for volunteer opportunities. I love to help people. My life experience has given me the capacity to meet people where they are at, and connect to them with ease.’


‘Kathy’s genuine gift for connecting with people has reached so many’ says Emily Vincent, Program Coordinator ‘community members seeking information on essential services and meaningful volunteer roles have been recipients of Kathy’s compassion and knowledge; we are so appreciative of Kathy, her spirit and continued volunteer service’.


‘My volunteer experience at PIN has been a combination of learning much about many of the organizations, services and charities that keep Guelph and Wellington County a culturally rich and supportive community.’ shares Kathy, ‘I am inspired by the high quality of work that the staff and other volunteers do at PIN and I feel uplifted every time I volunteer. I deeply appreciate the people and am stimulated in a positive way with the wide range of projects that I am given to support the purpose and values of PIN. I keep up the bulletin board displays which allows me to incorporate my background in visual arts and education.’


Kathy’s bulletin board creations, both Cork St. and in-office facing communications, are another example of the variety of ways Kathy uses her gifts to connect the community with information. From highlighting member events and volunteer opportunities to showcasing workshops, initiatives and programs, Kathy creates up to date, visually appealing content that draws the attention of the community.


When not volunteering, Kathy’s authentic spirit continues to shine. ‘What I enjoy in my life includes my close relationship with my partner, my peach tabby cat, doing my artwork, playing the piano, listening to music, dancing for fun, keeping in touch with friends who are my ‘family of choice’, shares Kathy, ‘I like to learn. I like to engage with people. I like to make each day count, as much as I can.’

Posted on January 4, 2018