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October 1 is National Seniors Day in Canada, which coincides with the United Nations International Day of Older Persons. This annual day is a way to celebrate the wisdom and the gifts of older adults that have positive impact around the world, in our country and right here at home.

In honour of this day and the positive impact of seniors in the Guelph Wellington community, we are pleased to recognize Carol Croft and Linda Green.  

Carol and Linda are two individuals who are actively invested in our community through volunteering with the Guelph Wellington Seniors Association (GWSA) and the monthly newsletter, ‘The Sentinel’.

Both Carol and Linda became involved with the GWSA after they retired. With computer skills and Linda’s background in graphic design, their skills were quickly activated into production, Administrator and Editor.   

“Carol and Linda are both an integral part of the Evergreen team, collecting, collating, editing and printing resources for the Guelph Wellington Seniors Association membership in the Sentinel Newsletter. Both have gone above and beyond with organizing and printing information that is important for the re-opening of the GWSA members to ensure a safe return to play for everyone,” shares Becky MacDonald, Recreation Co-ordinator – Volunteers with The City of Guelph.

Information, its content and delivery is key. Awareness of information can connect individuals through shared interests, strengthen social relationships, well-being and provide clarity on health and safety policies and protocols; The Sentinel is a strong method of outreach, a monthly newsletter filled with information and opportunity.

Compiling and creating a newsletter has provided opportunity to use skills, learn some new programs, as Carol shares, and connect with people. “I love interacting with all the staff and members,” says Carol, “to me, every day that I go to the Centre and meet and chat with the other seniors (and staff) is a highlight for me.”

Highlights of volunteering with GWSA and The Sentinel also include “being able to publish stories by our members and about our members and their activities, like the Canoe Club or Cycling Club,” says Linda, who also shares there is “something different every week. Producing the Sentinel online during the pandemic has been challenging, but we’re looking forward to seeing the members back at the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre as conditions gradually improve and talking to them in person again.”

The pandemic has created physical distance between all of us. The connections and information through the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre, GWSA and The Sentinel help bridge that distance and help individuals to feel connected, informed and to have hope.  

“I enjoy interacting with all the Sentinel Team members, especially with our Editor, Linda Green.  She has been a Godsend to the Sentinel, with her newspaper background, as well as her teaching prior to that.  She is a really great person to have as a co-worker but especially as a friend.  I enjoy ‘working’ with our printers, drivers, and proofreaders as well.  The City employees at the Centre are great people, too.  We like working with all the Activity Groups when they have print jobs that need to be done,” shares Carol.

“Carol and Linda have contributed many hours on the computer, developing and printing materials for the 2700 membership, to ensure everyone is prepared and ready to be in person enjoying the social interaction everyone has missed over the past 1.5 years,” says Becky, “thank you to all their hard work and continued dedication they have for the GWSA, membership and senior community.”

Volunteering has been a meaningful experience for Carol and Linda, and outside of volunteering, there are a number of meaningful leisure and moments that Carol and Linda enjoy. For Carol, she says, “I love to read, knit and crochet. I also dabble with acrylic paints, and when I am able, I also like to go for walks.”  Linda also has various interests. “I love to garden, watch the birds and critters in the backyard, play with our three zany cats, and binge on Netflix.”

Meaningful moments and experiences are a treasure, as is the investment of time, talent and generosity of spirit that Linda and Carol share through volunteering. Thank you.

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Be active, get involved, make friends. The Guelph Wellington Seniors Association enables older adults to be active, involved, make friends and age with dignity.

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Posted on October 1, 2021

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