Sylvia’s passion is rooted in family history

“To be a great volunteer you have to be passionate about what you do,” says Sylvia Quinn.

For Sylvia, her passion and volunteering motivations are rooted in family history. Sylvia has a special need’s son. That’s why she volunteers with organizations like Community Living and ARC Industries.

“It’s a rewarding experience. It helps handicap people know you love them enough to help them out and you’re doing it only for love,” she says.

She says she helps out wherever she can. She says she likes helping to sell a lot of the crafts the special needs individuals make at ARK industries (pictured in photo). All the proceeds from the crafts go right back to supporting those with special needs.

Sylvia says her volunteer experience really taught her to love. She says there is no better example than when her husband passed away and she returned back to volunteer.

“A little down-syndrome fellow came up to me,” she explains, “He said ‘Sylvia’ how is your husband?’ I told him he passed away and he just put his arms around me and told me to take care of myself.”

“If you’re in a down mood, you go volunteer and your spirits are just lifted. I love it so much,” she says.

Posted on October 14, 2015