Stroke Recovery is Oct’s Volunteer of the Month

stroke recovery

The Guelph Wellington Stroke Recovery Chapter started in 1985. Today, it is a thriving group that is totally volunteer run and has twelve dedicated executive members who not only provide leadership, but also help deliver programs and fundraise too! They do an impressive amount of work in the community to rebuild lives changed forever by stroke.

“Stroke is a very life changing experience,” says co-chair, Carol Miller-Hall, “and many supports are needed to reengage into the community and become a thriving individual.”

The group provides support in a variety of ways. They have programming that gives information and emotional support to stroke survivors and their families monthly, weekly and daily. In fact, Carol leads one of the monthly support group meetings on top of acting as co-chair. The group also works towards increasing public awareness of stroke and its consequences through organizing the annual WalkNRoll and attending other awareness raising events and fairs.

“We want people to be connected and feel like they are never alone,” says Carol. Certainly, the work of the chapter and their many programs accomplish this goal. In fact, this October is Stroke Awareness Month and the group will be honouring it at Fionn MacCool’s on October 5th – all are welcome to join!

This group of passionate volunteers is an excellent example of people brought together because of a life altering illness, which gave them strength to work cooperatively towards positive change.

Congratulations to a group of deserving individuals! Your work not only positively influences stroke survivors and their families, but also health care professionals and us too.

Posted on October 1, 2015