Snow Angel Families – Volunteers of the Month

“It’s good for families; so kids see you give back as well as doing good work as a family to help people” says Khaleed Khalfan about his family’s Snow Angels volunteer experience. In partnership with the City of Guelph, the Volunteer Centre leads a unique service for eligible seniors and persons with physical disabilities by matching those clients with snow removal volunteers.


In 2016, Snow Angels contributed 720 hours of snow shoveling service. In total, 134 residents were helped during the winter season by volunteers including two caring families. The Khalfan and Thomson families have been Snow Angels for more than a combined 13 years and the feelings of the young children are unanimous. “Happy by helping” says Keyra and Kyan Khalfan while Zoey Thomson smiles and says “I love doing it, it is a fun experience” and sister Sarah feels “accomplished when we finish” and remembers the very first house they shovelled snow for. These feelings are inspired by their direct involvement in volunteering and may pave the way for a strong value in service to others in the future.


Snow Angels Volunteer Stephen Thomson shares that is a “great experience to bond together as a family and model a caring community”. This service not only contributes to the overall safety and well-being of clients using the service but contributes to the well-being of volunteers as they enjoy fresh air, physical exercise and family connections in a shared and meaningful way.


The Volunteer Centre recognizes these families for their dedication and commitment to this service. When asked about volunteering highlights, the intrinsic recognition comes from the special thanks of those community members they have shovelled for. From a lollipop for the kids to a sincere thank you, these volunteers recognize the impact they have made on their neighbours.


Whether volunteering as a family, group or individual, the Snow Angels make a difference in Guelph and we thank the 58 volunteers that share their time and community spirit! To learn more about the Snow Angels program, visit or call (519) 822-1155.

Posted on February 17, 2017