Roblin is an exemplary community builder

Roblin May has been involved with Focus on Nature for 7 years.  She lives down the street from one of its founders and one day while walking their dogs they discussed a possible future at Focus on Nature. Looking for something new after 25 years of volunteering, Roblin started as an assistant and then an instructor, where she ran workshops for children in schools. The workshops involve taking kids out into nature with individual cameras so that they can discover nature in a different way.  A year later, she was asked to be a part of the board.

A moment Roblin looks fondly on was when she was out with a group of kids and an 11-year-old boy saw a live frog and he had never seen one before. The boy laid down nose to nose to take a picture of his first moments meeting one. “Doing that really mattered to him. He was excited, and he wanted to bring his parents out on the trail to continue to discover nature as well. When kids find things like that it opens them up to new experiences and new possibilities.”

“Focus on nature adds value to our society because as more people appreciate what is outside their doors, they take stewardship for it.  I feel privileged to have spent my time volunteering with Focus on Nature. It has been incredibly worthwhile, inspiring and fulfilling.” shares Roblin.

That stewardship of nature; the careful thought, vision and active participation, can mirror the stewardship of individuals who serve on a Board of Directors. Financial and Human Resource stewardship, vision and providing leadership and governance to a nonprofit or charity. A Board of Directors determine the purpose and set the mission of an organization, they ensure effective planning and strategic priorities. A Board ensures adequate resources, provides financial oversight, acts as ambassadors and advocates.    

“Roblin is held in high esteem by the Executive Director and board colleagues” says Rosanne Morris, President of the Board of Directors, “her contributions to the growth and expansion of the organization are significant.”

In addition to Board leadership, supporting and leading workshops, Roblin has been the key Event Planner for the Focus on Nature annual fundraising Garden Party, has successfully completed the writing of a comprehensive Human Resources manual, consulting with a local HR firm and law office to ensure necessary compliance. Roblin has collaborated generously on various board committees: Strategic Planning, Budget, Nomination, and Program Evaluation.

“Roblin’s generosity of spirit; her ability to co-ordinate, guide and lead; and her positive leadership and interpersonal skills have been integral to the growing success of the organization” shares Rosanne, “she embodies the mission of Focus on Nature: ‘Inspiring kids to connect with nature through photography’. Roblin is an exemplary community builder and volunteer worthy of public recognition.”

Finding your passion and using your skills, experience and expertise as a volunteer is a gift; a gift to the organization, to community, and to yourself. Roblin is a shining example; bringing together her passion for nature, photography and the magic that can be found and instilled in youth along with her skills to contribute through Board Governance and leadership.

When Roblin is not playing bridge in her spare time, she likes to ‘Focus on Nature’ by hiking, riding bikes, downhill skiing, and golf. She understands what being outside for does for herself and tries to bring that to the kids. Bringing her leadership and love of the outdoors to our community is why Roblin May is our March Volunteer of the Month.

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Posted on March 1, 2021

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