Province Wide Shutdown and Volunteering

 The Province of Ontario is imposing a Province Wide Shutdown effective Saturday, December 26, 2020, at 12:01 a.m.

What does this mean for volunteering?

Wearing a 3 layer mask, maintaining a 6 foot distance and washing your hands remain a priority; what may change is how volunteering supports local nonprofits and charities as programs and services continue to adapt. 

PIN recognizes that in times of community distress many individuals want to be of assistance, helping where there is need. In almost every form of emergency, the offer of help and willingness to gather to get things done is appreciated. In a pandemic, this is not easily the case, because coming together in groups increase the risk of exposure and spread.

As nonprofits and charities prepare for this shutdown period, formal volunteer roles and community organization needs may require adaptations, programs may require to close, volunteer roles may transition to virtual and new virtual roles may be created. 

Primary priority = Safety. Please see this Volunteer Canada resource on Volunteering Safely 

If after reviewing the safety resource and considering your own safety and safety of those in your social bubble, you want to help your community and volunteer, you can become a COVID Community Changemaker. 

As a result of the City of Guelph Emergency Fund, PIN is leading volunteer recruit and deploy initiative to support local nonprofits and charities with COVID volunteer needs in 3 key areas – virtual, light touch, high touch roles. 

Click here to sign up.

As a COVID Community Changemaker, you will receive updates on volunteer opportunities in support of COVID specific volunteering. A member of Team PIN will contact you for an initial connection and seek to match you with the current priority needs in the community. 

What could this look like?

  • Virtual Volunteering – weekly mentor, tutor, tech roles as example
  • Low Touch – No-contact food deliveries
  • High Touch – Increased public interaction i.e. client service 

Nonprofits and charities ability to provide their programs and services will vary, protocols for safety are a priority. For questions on COVID testing, sites, local data, please visit Public Health WDG.  

We  know that social isolation can be very damaging and that this is a time when we need to be conscious of people in need within our families, social circles, and neighbourhoods. Consider reaching out by phone or video call to those you know. If they, or yourself, are in distress, please learn more about these resources.

Need Emergency Food, Shelter or Safety?

No one is alone; we are all in this together.



Posted on December 21, 2020