Your efforts are an inspiration!

Volunteers are a powerful human resource. Volunteer Canada research indicates that 44% of the population in Canada volunteers. 12 million Canadians, in Ontario alone there are 5 million volunteers.

In Guelph Wellington?

That could be upwards of 100,000 individuals volunteering!

From supporting new parents with breast feeding and chest feeding to programs for toddlers, helping children to read, mentoring youth, welcoming newcomers, empowering persons living with exceptionalities, bringing joy to seniors and so much more, volunteers are community connectors.

The spirit of community lives and breathes through this generosity of time, talent and commitment. Board Governance, Committees, Service Clubs sharing leadership, individuals sharing their passion for climate change, food security and homelessness, people sharing the joy of sport, the beauty of arts and culture all that and more contribute to the fabric of community.

Since mid-March, volunteering has changed. While some programs and events were postponed or cancelled, some moved to a virtual offering and even new volunteer roles were created to meet the needs of the pandemic.

A Volunteer Canada, Ipsos and Volunteer Management Professionals of Canada July 2020 survey report indicated that:

  • 60% of individuals volunteered in support of COVID relief because “I wanted to support my community while some volunteers are not able to do so”
  • 59% indicated “I wanted to use my skills and experience”
  • 57% indicated “I have time available to volunteer now”

Volunteers have given their time to:

  • packing, preparing, stocking and delivering food to those in need
  • training to be a Distress Line volunteer for individuals who need an empathetic ear and resources to support their mental health
  • transitioned to virtual roles to lead classes, offer tech support and mentor

In addition, individuals have shown their kindness through leaving painted rocks in support of health care workers, drive by birthdays and surprising people with acts of kindness. These are just a few examples of the heart of community.  

Like you, we know the last 9 months have been a challenge. Unknowns, rapidly evolving change and physically distancing from those we hold dear have had an impact. We believe that the power of human kindness has shone brightly that showcases the immense generosity of volunteers and a beacon of hope for the future.

For each and every individual who has volunteered to bring positivity and hope to others, thank you. Your efforts are an inspiration.

December Volunteer of the Month celebrates all those who have volunteered in support of bringing light into the darkness of the last 9 months. 

Posted on December 1, 2020