PIN Volunteer Awards are LIVE!

Volunteers power nonprofits, they fuel the services, programs and events, they provide leadership, mentorship, they deliver core essential needs in our communities. Volunteers coach, entertain, empower, they help children to read, drive your mom for her cancer appointment, deliver Meals on Wheels to your grandfather. They fundraise, plan and execute events; volunteers are woven into our lives, into our communities and their spirit shines. 

At PIN, we believe in the power of volunteerism, the reciprocal benefits, how volunteering fuels community and community resilience. PIN is proud to announce 5 Volunteer Awards to recognize the efforts of volunteers in Guelph Wellington. 

Nominations are open until midnight on March 15, 2022. Nominations will be reviewed by an Awards Committee and will be presented at our annual Time to Give event, Friday, April 29 from 8:00 – 9:00 am which is held during National Volunteer Week. 

The Volunteer Awards are:

How to apply? See below and refer to the PIN Volunteer Nominations Package 2022 for further details. 

  1. Complete a Nomination Cover Sheet
  2. Complete the online nomination as linked above
  3. Provide a short biography of the nominee (max 250 words)


Posted on February 15, 2022