PIN delegates on behalf of Nonprofits and Charities

Over the last number of months, provincial and national reports have given voice to the community benefit sector and the impact of COVID. Revenues have declined an average of 30.6% since the onset of the pandemic, with 69% of charities reporting decreased revenues. (Imagine Canada Sector Monitor Report) and 1 in 5 survey respondents say they could close within the next 6 months (Ontario Nonprofit Network, ONN- The state of the Ontario nonprofit sector).

In a recent Community Benefit Sector Survey, there are findings that align with that of provincial and national data. The Survey report notes:

  • 42% of respondents have had decreased budgets and there is a 65% increase in costs due to COVID
  • Loss of budgeted revenue of over $5 million with the cancellation of events and fundraisers
  • 62% reduction in volunteer involvement
  • 55% Disruption of services for clients and community coupled with 40% increased demand for service. 

The impact of COVID and the loss of the waived Police Records Check fee for volunteers in Guelph present a one-two combo challenge. 

PIN delegated to the City of Guelph Council at the Budget Meeting on November 25 to request the support of $150,000  to cover the cost of appropriate Police Records Checks for all nonprofits and charities in 2021. This request would support volunteerism across the City by reducing a financial barrier to volunteering and support the Community Benefit Sector that welcomes volunteers in support of the mission of their work. 

Please find the following written words that were verbally expressed during this delegation. Delegation City Council November 25, 2020 Police Records Checks

Why is this important? “You do not need to look far to see how the community benefit sector contributes to our towns and cities, and to our families, our children and ourselves.” shares Kim Cusimano, Executive Director “coaching your children’s sports team, your grandfather’s weekly friendly visitor, driving your Mom for her cancer appointments, supporting food insecurity, accessing health services and housing, engaging in faith, arts and culture and more; nonprofits and charities are woven into our lives. The community benefit sector forms the foundation of supports contributing to the health and well-being of communities and powered by a valuable volunteer human resource.”


Posted on November 26, 2020