Noor is a Bright Light!

“Eager to use my background knowledge in psychology and apply it to practice, I was intrigued when I heard about J.O.E.” shares Noor Imadal-Deen.

“Noor has always brought a strong sense of positivity and care with her to her volunteer position at Jobs.Opportunities.Enterprise (J.O.E.), a registered charity that provides meaningful, community-based training and employment readiness opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities in the Guelph community, through the sale of fair-trade organic coffee and baked goods at our three locations in Guelph.” says Nicole Marchesseau, Project Manager, J.O.E.

Hands on experience, coupled with the interest and spirit to serve others, Noor is a core volunteer with J.O.E at the downtown Guelph library location as well as at the Guelph Medical Place coffee nooks. This volunteer role through J.O.E. supports persons living with developmental disabilities as they prepare and serve Planet Bean coffee and treats. Noor mentors great customer service which for J.O.E., that means serving up caring, conversation and connection with every cup of Planet Bean Coffee.

For J.O.E. staff, they build employment skills, confidence and community connections. IF you drop into a J.O.E. Coffee Nook, you will enjoy some conversation, caring and a laugh along with your coffee and snacks as J.O.E. staff tell a J.O.E. JOKE of the DAY with every cup of coffee served.

“Not only is Noor a bright light for our organization and the participants it serves directly, but her positivity and excellent work with our participants has impacted the customers we serve” explains Nicole, “in keeping with our organizational mission, Noor is key in facilitating the type of work that we do at J.O.E. Not only does Noor volunteer as a job coach for existing participants, she has also been an excellent asset at bringing new participants on board through our training program, going through all of the necessary steps with new trainees to ensure their readiness in the program. By doing so, she is able to onboard more participants which in turns gives more opportunities for folks with developmental disabilities in our community.”

“Every shift at J.O.E., I get to witness the participants demonstrating improvement and that is a highlight moment of my career as a volunteer, “shares Noor, “I am proud of watching our participants excel and reach their full potential in terms of social skill, basic math, and multi-tasking ability!”  

It is volunteers, like Noor, that build connections that weave a strong, resilient fabric. “Guelph is a stronger, kinder and more caring community because of the dedication of volunteers like Noor” says Nicole.

“My volunteer experience at J.O.E.” shares Noor, “has been a very rewarding journey. I receive a great sense of

satisfaction knowing that my time and effort is dedicated towards providing a better career and future to members of my community.”

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Posted on November 1, 2019

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