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Newcomers in Canada

‘One in five Canadians is born outside of Canada. Immigration now accounts for close to 70% of our population growth. Each year, approximately 250,000 people come to Canada as refugees and landed immigrants. They settle in communities around the country, mostly in cities.’ – Volunteer Canada

Many newcomers to Canada turn to volunteering as a way to contribute to the community, improve language skills and gain work experience. But the benefits aren’t all just for the volunteer. Canadian workplaces and organizations benefit significantly from working with new newcomers, as well. Organizations can grow and become stronger when they apply what they learn about new cultures. As a volunteer, newcomers can help communities grow stronger through their volunteer support.

To support newcomers to Guelph Wellington to learn more about volunteering as a resource, gain language skills, build connections and feel connected in our community, PIN – The People and Information Network is pleased to offer the ability to translate our website in addition to visual materials to assist in welcoming newcomers and encouraging volunteering.

With thanks to funding from the Ontario Government, content development by The Letter M and translation provided by Immigration Services Guelph Wellington, we invite you to use the Google Translate option to translate the website into 150 different languages or view brochures about volunteering in 5 different languages:

Posted on February 2, 2022

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