Nawab Azizi answered the Call to Action.


“Nawab has given so much time to his community that he truly deserves this award. He hasn’t been a part of the program for one year yet, but he has already volunteered more than what would be required of him over a 2-year period” says Colten Ura,  Developmental Service Coordinator at Family Counselling and Support Services For Guelph – Wellington, “his compassion and ability to support others has made his efforts even more appreciated. He has managed to connect with so many community members of Guelph-Wellington and offer them fantastic support. I hear so many things about the great work Nawab does for the people he engages with and I am so proud that he is able to get this recognition.”

Nawab personally wanted to develop his communication and problem-solving skills to help him better prepare for a future career in the medical field. Nawab shares, “I came across the distress-line volunteer position with Family Counselling and Support Services on PIN – The People and Information Network, this was the perfect opportunity for personal growth and gain exposure to what I might face in my future career.”  

Seeing the perfect opportunity, Nawab answered the call to action.

A volunteer position that became a perfect fit came with its memorable moments that resonate with Nawab. One he recalls was calming a crying and distressed caller simply with his words. “This was a profound moment for me when I realized just how impactful my choice of words can be to someone in need. In this moment, I saw how much healing the power words can have on others.” He cites Family Counselling and Support Services’ training to allow him to properly utilize techniques and provide him with the tools/services to make an impact and help individuals in our community.

“I would describe my volunteer experience with many words. Some that come to my mind straight away include fulfilling, growth, knowledge, strategy, and preparedness.” says Nawab.  Nawab has found that his experience at Family Counselling and Support Services Guelph – Wellington has gone beyond his initial expectations. He is excited by the plethora of tools and resources within the organizations that he had not expected when he decided to apply. Nawab is particularly impressed that the organization does a really good job of recruiting professionals from different areas of the social society to give presentations so that volunteers can grow and provide a better service to the community. 

When Nawab is not studying or volunteering, he likes to go for marathon style runs, which he treats as fun time to himself. Nawab also shares he has also “been watching a lot of Netflix and socializing virtually with my friends ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started.”

Nawab is a shining example of how one person can make a significant impact in the life of another. PIN applauds Nawab for answering the call to action and for his commitment, care and compassion; all traits that will appreciated in his future medical career.

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Posted on May 1, 2021

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