My volunteer experience has been awesome!

In partnership with the City of Guelph, PIN – The People and Information Network offers a unique service for eligible seniors and people with physical disabilities by matching those residents with volunteers who shovel their snow. These volunteers are ‘Snow Angels’ shares Emily Vincent, Program Coordinator, “and for the past eight years Michelle Wood has been a dedicated, enthusiastic and energetic Snow Angel”.

Volunteer Snow Angels, like Michelle, are matched with an eligible resident and required to shovel the snow in the windrow (the snow left at the end of the driveway after the plow goes by) within 24 hours. After seeing a posting on PIN’s website, Michelle says “I thought it would be a great opportunity to help those in need of the service. I enthusiastically applied to become a Snow Angel and have enjoyed being a part of the program.”

“As a volunteer” says Emily, “Michelle is the strength of the program. She recognizes the importance of shoveling snow for someone who is unable. She steps up, year after year, to help yet one more person in need and is always willing to shovel beyond the minimum requirements by clearing the entire driveway and a path to the door. This dedication and commitment directly contributes to the success of the program and highlights the importance of the continuation of service for residents in need.”

“A highlight moment for me” shares Michelle, “was during a terrible snowstorm a few years ago. I was shovelling a driveway just after one of the largest snowfalls I’ve seen as a Snow Angel. As I was shovelling the driveway, a home owner’s family member that was visiting came out, with a hot tea in hand, and thanked me for shovelling the entire driveway and walkway, helping keep their parents safe as well as any first responders who might need to get into the home in the event of an emergency.”

Community building is at the heart of PIN and by connecting our community through this essential service, we are all working together to create a safe, accessible community for vulnerable citizens. As a Snow Angels Program volunteer, Michelle is a shining example of community spirit, inspiring enthusiasm and human kindness.

“My volunteer experience has been awesome!” shares Michelle, “the staff who organize the Snow Angel program are always so helpful; they do an amazing job at notifying the Snow Angels when shovelling is required. I enjoy being active and this is a great opportunity for me to keep on the move while helping others during the winter months.”

“Volunteering” says Michelle “whether it be for the Snow Angel program or another role, brings such joy to not only the person volunteering but those who are benefiting from the volunteers. Consider helping out in your community, it truly is rewarding!”

PIN is thankful for Michelle’s commitment and generosity; we feel this community is rewarded by her spirit and are grateful for her support.

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Posted on January 1, 2020