Meacheal is Building Homes, Building Communities!

Meacheal Vuylsteke has been a vital member of the Habitat for Humanity team for 2 years and has worked on a variety of different projects including builds, kitchen salvages and assisting in the Guelph ReStore.


“I became involved with Habitat for Humanity after witnessing their willingness to assist in life skills coaching for several students I had placed at their Guelph Restore location” says Meacheal, “the staff worked sincerely at ensuring that the placement was worthwhile and interesting for the students I was teaching at the time. Several years later upon my retirement, I spoke with staff again and they welcomed me back!”


“Meacheal has an incredible work ethic and cares passionately about his work. He lights up any room he is in, he energizes and inspires any team he is a part of, and his presence is always enjoyed.” shares Amber Wood, Senior Manager, Stakeholder Programs.  “Meacheal’s volunteer service has made a lasting impact on both Habitat and our mission of providing safe, decent, and affordable homes in our community. Habitat is truly thankful to be able to call Meacheal a volunteer with our organization.”


The admiration is mutual; Meacheal is appreciated and feels appreciated, “What makes volunteering at Habitat unique is that each aspect of the several roles I’ve assisted staff and other volunteers with, has always challenged me to learn something new in some way. I really enjoy the variety of opportunities that are available and the staff’s willingness to be flexible with their time whether working with the public or other volunteers.”


There is a myriad of benefits to volunteering and the key is discovering one that is right for you; Meacheal has found a meaningful role with Habitat. “Staff who appreciate what you do is what makes my volunteering at Habitat confirming. They recognize the value of your time, seek your input and ensure that you are aware of how much they appreciate what you are contributing.” Meacheal shares, “it is rewarding to be part of a team and organization that supports someone new coming into a project (like me!) who has perhaps had limited experience on a construction or renovation site. “


“It never fails that this person leaves the day with a smile and a sense of satisfaction in knowing that they have contributed to something worthwhile in our local community.” says Meacheal. His efforts contribute to the mission of Habitat; ‘To mobilize volunteers and community partners in building affordable housing and promoting homeownership as a means to breaking the cycle of poverty.’


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Posted on April 1, 2018