Waterloo-Wellington Learning Alliance

The Waterloo-Wellington Learning Alliance is a partnership of PIN, The People and Information Network and the Volunteer Action Centre of Waterloo Region who provide professional development as part of their services. It is an Education and Training service for community benefit organizations in the Region of Waterloo and Wellington County offering training and consultation in board governance, organizational wellness and volunteer engagement.

We envision strong, resilient organizations that create strength and well-being in their communities and are pleased to present the following workshops in the Wellington County and Waterloo Regional areas.

Join us for an informative session that explores important findings from recently released national research documents; ‘The Value of Volunteering in Canada’ and ‘Recognizing Volunteers in 2017’.

Live streamed presentation from Paula Speevak, President and CEO of Volunteer Canada as we explore:

The ‘Value of Volunteering’ document from the Conference Board of Canada lends a new voice and level of credibility to our claim that volunteers play an important role in the infrastructure of our country. This document uses the language of business that may cause a new audience to look further and maybe better understand the value of volunteering.

‘Recognizing Volunteers’ gets us thinking about how that economic contribution to traditional volunteering might be affected by new perspectives on engagement. What might this mean to the nonprofit organization. We are already hearing that our members are losing long serving volunteers, those with the historic knowledge of the roles. Organizations are beginning to struggle to find replacements that will stay for significant time.”

The presentation will be followed by a round table discussions on key messaging regarding the impact of volunteer roles in a changing environment. These topics will be discussed using guided questions and will using the research that Volunteer Canada and the Conference Board of Canada have produced to create messaging to community and organizational leadership teams; to think about advocacy for volunteerism; and to discuss methods for working within this changing environment.

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