Konrad is a positive role model!

Konrad Babol has been volunteering with Family and Child Services since July of 2017 and his efforts have been invaluable. Wanting to give back and get involved with the community, Konrad expressed that when volunteering with Family and Child Services he has always felt supported and encouraged, which has created a positive experience with this organization.

“The role of a Mentor” says Karan Mann, Coordinator of Volunteer Services “is to provide one-on-one time as a friend, to be a positive role-model to a child and to provide support and guidance.” “This position is also responsible to plan and engage in positive recreational and enriching activities in the community. Konrad has gone above and beyond in his match.”

His eagerness to help and be a mentor has not only impacted his young match, but Konrad himself. Konrad started volunteering in hopes to create positive memories in a child’s life, but Konrad says that he has made some of his own best memories as well. Spending time with his young friend and seeing him happy is something that he will always cherish. “My favorite part about September was hanging out at the library, talking, playing board games and just enjoying our time together. I love doing this each week and love having him a part of my life” says Konrad.

Don, a social worker at the Family and Child Services says “the bond that Konrad and this young boy have is one of the best that I have seen; both value their weekly outings and have created such a close trusting bond between each other.” Don believes that Konrad has had such a positive impact on this young boy’s life and acts as a great support system. “Whether they are rockwall climbing, hiking, at the library or park, they always seem to have a good time. Konrad has been able to build such confidence and trust in this young boy, that they have no trouble sharing their interests, thoughts and hopes for the future with each other. I think Konrad has been a great influence and a great support for him as well.”

Konrad’s advice is to “find something that excites you and get involved. It does not need to be a huge time commitment and every little bit helps.”

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Posted on December 1, 2018