Julie was inspired to give back because of the help she received


I currently volunteer with Multiple Births Guelph-Wellington (MBGW). AS a mother of twins, I value this organization because it provided me with a vital support during my first year as a new parent and still supports me and my family. The help I’ve received from MBGW has inspired me to give back to the organization in the hope that other families of multiple birth children can enjoy and benefit from it as I have. As MBGW Communications Director, I donate my design skills and time to our fundraising events, online presence, meetings, and socials.

My employers at The Letter M Marketing, Doug and Cathy MacMillan, have been involved in countless volunteer organizations in Guelph-Wellington for the past twenty-plus years. Their passion for community volunteering has fostered a culture of volunteering at The Letter M and they continue to encourage me to volunteer – not only on my own time but during office hours as well, using company resources and equipment in support of my volunteering tasks whenever necessary.

I believe that volunteerism is caring so much about something that you want to help maintain that organization’s strength in the community in any way you can. For me this means lending my time and design experience to projects that can make a difference in the families of multiple-birth children.

– Julie Brown-Hallman, The Letter M Marketing

Photo and story courtesy of Chris Tiessen

Posted on July 15, 2016