Volunteering gives Jim and Irma dimension to their lives


Jim and Irma LeClair are longstanding volunteers at the Heart and Stroke Foundation. They have volunteered for 14 and 20 years respectively. Their work with the Foundation all started when Jim became involved with Curl for Heart because of his experience with curling. Since that initial contribution they have both held many volunteer roles, including sitting on the Board of Directors, facilitating the Curl for Heart event, receipt writing, and securing donations. They have also delivered campaign kits, supported Big Bike, and have run wellness clinics for employees.

For Jim and Irma volunteering is a means to keep active while doing something they enjoy and serving their community. Jim claims, “if you don’t learn something today it’s a wasted day. Volunteering is about having fun, learning new viewpoints and adding dimension to our lives.” But their favourite part about volunteering is being able to spend quality time together. 

Their volunteer work has not been limited to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Irma is also a volunteer driver with the Victorian Order of Nurses. As a driver she assists clients with mobility limitations, or lack of transportation to appointments. Jim sits on the board of their condominium complex, and they both visit socially isolated people through their church.  When they are not volunteering, Jim and Irma can be found playing golf or socializing with their friends.

Thank you Jim and Irma for brightening the lives of all that you serve!

Photography by Seth Partridge

Posted on August 23, 2016