Jeff is creating lasting change

” Creating lasting change doesn’t happen as the results of your individual actions but rather by the reactions from those actions carried out by others you can captivate along the way.” – Jeff Leask.

Improving Lives.  Building Community. Through his volunteer support as a United Way Campaign Lead, Jeff Leask is a champion of change, an inspiration and a key contributor to the success of #LocalLove.

United Way believes strong communities and thriving neighbourhoods exist when individuals and families are connected and supported in order to achieve their full potential.  Jeff shares, “my story starts from the trials and tribulations of a determined single mother who required support through charity and community. Through this compassion, my mother was able to overcome the challenges that poverty brings and was granted the possibilities to change not only her outcome, but that of mine and of my 5 wonderful children.”

Jeff’s story is a strong message of hope as he has shares his voice, his lived experience and his inspiration to Linamar kick off’s, various workplaces and donor events. “I choose to advocate for the United Way”, says Jeff, “it has the furthest outreach into our community.  They strive to identify the needs facing our community and work within the community to raise the funds locally. Their coordination of funds allows these vital programs to penetrate the real problems facing our community and provides a means in which these challenges can be overcome.  It is because of their Ideal of “a community of people helping people in the community.”

“I have been volunteering with Linamar’s United Way campaign for the last 6 years.  Through this experience I have been rewarded with many opportunities to grow as a person and as a leader. I have seen firsthand the impacts that a successful campaign can have on individuals, workplaces and community.”

 “Jeff understands the importance of good culture and employee engagement and will step up to support” says Mike Indoe, Plant Manager of Linamar’s Camcor Manufacturing, “Jeff has great spirit by spreading the United Way message across our community and encouraging others to give back.”

 “Through Jeff’s inspiration and leadership, the campaign at his workplace, Camcor, results more than doubled,” says Brenda Carson, Campaign Director, “other Linamar plants requested he speak at their own kick-offs around the city, which he happily agreed to do, leading to an increase in those campaigns.”

“Jeff has incredible heart” shares Brenda, “listening to Jeff speak, it is easy to hear the love and pride he has for his family and his utmost respect for those who helped him along his journey.” This spirit, passion and leadership resulted in Jeff winning The Co-operators United Way Ambassador Award

“I am truly motivated and passionate to share my story with others in hopes that it may inspire and motivate more people to do the same” shares Jeff. Jeff’s passion, spirit and giving ensures ‘no one is left behind.’

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Posted on October 1, 2019

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