James supports community initiatives that speak to him


I align my volunteer activities with my interests and proven skill-sets – including filmmaking, photography, and graphic design. This way I’m always having fun volunteering and am also able to share my talents with those eager to learn from me, collaborate with me, or teach me new things.

For me, volunteering means strengthening communities in which you believe – weather geographic-, cultural-, social-, or enthusiast-based. Ed Video and The Making Box are examples of enthusiast-based communities that I help out through volunteering. I’m also keen to support our local charities by helping them get noticed. To this end, I’ve devoted volunteer time capturing the stories of such local charities and/or charitable events as the United Way and Giving Tuesday.

I recently joined the Advisory Committee for the Chill Foundation, an organization that works to help inner-city kids in Toronto learn leadership qualities and skills while experiencing outdoor activities like snowboarding, paddle boarding, and skateboarding. Their culture has a great alignment with the culture we share at my employer, Intrigue Media.

Intrigue staff are encouraged to support community initiatives that speak to them – as a means of strengthening community and gaining valuable leadership qualities and life experience. It’s important to find purpose in the work that you do every day.

– James Burgie, Intrigue Media

Photo and story courtesy of Chris Tiessen

Posted on April 15, 2017