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Every day thousands of people find the help they need quickly, conveniently and free of charge because of Information and Referral (I&R) services. To recognize the importance of I&R in our community, PIN, The People and Information Network is taking part in I&R Day on November 16 through awareness and promotion along with a ‘Lunch and Learn’ for local organizations who seek to connect clients with the information they need.

Information and Referral is the art, science and practice of bringing people and services together and is an integral component of the health and human services sector.

People in search of critical services such as financial assistance, food, shelter, child care, jobs, or mental health support often do not know where to begin to get help, or they get overwhelmed trying to find what they need. Community information and referral providers connect people with resources that can help them with one simple phone call, or website inquiry.

Community Information is one of the pillars of work at PIN, The People and Information Network. This local information has been developed and maintained by an accredited professional to ensure the integrity of the program.

Together with AIRS, the Alliance of Information & Referral Systems, an international nonprofit professional association with more than 5000 individual, public and private I&R organizational members, we celebrate I&R Day each November 16 and extend it worldwide to raise public awareness and recognize the critical importance of the I&R field.

“Individuals and families are better able to handle life’s challenges when they are connected with the programs and supports they need to live healthy, vibrant and resilient lives. Information and Referral providers do the very important job of providing accurate and timely information that helps people not only become aware of what services might be available but also to help them understand eligibility and application requirements, while providing the broadest range of options possible so they can choose the support that best suits their individual needs”. said Christine Oldfield, Executive Director.

165,000+ people annually access information from our online database 24/7 and last year alone, we supported 560+ in-person or phone call inquiries. We endeavor to help you find the information you need; online, in-person and via phone.

Call us at (519) 821-0632 or visit our database.


Posted on November 13, 2018