Jane Volunteers With Grace and Pleasure

 ‘I believe the arts make a place special and help us understand our lives.  I love seeing the community embrace the arts because of our work. Whether it’s by attending events, buying creative work or donating money, seeing creative workers get recognition and remuneration for their work is so gratifying.’ says Jane Litchfield. 

Jane is the first to say yes to being involved or lending a hand.  She helps with everything from reviewing proposals, editing, applications for funding, website development, sharing Guelph Arts Council (GAC) social media posts and the annual fundraiser, Collector’s Dilemma. 

GAC has been the cultural heart of Guelph since it was established 1974. With the support of volunteers, GAC champions and grows opportunities for Guelph’s creative community through communications, resources for learning, and cultural programs and partnerships.  GAC advocates for artists and connects community to culture by amplifying the arts in Guelph through sharing information.  GAC offers professional development opportunities through project such as the Guelph Emerging Artist Mentorship Project, thematic workshops and award opportunities like the Jane Graham Memorial Award and Youth Opportunities Award.  GAC delivers culture events, including Art on the Street, Historical Walking Tours, and Doors Open Guelph. As with many other organizations this year, GAC staff and volunteers have worked to improve digital services in response to COVID and have shifted their signature events online. 

Jane started as a Doors Open Guelph volunteer in 2005 and just kept going.  When chairing the Communication and Membership committee and completing other tasks, she pulls skills from her background in journalism, marketing, and amateur theatre.  Jane specializes in Tweets and Facebook posts and shares. ‘She is a social media guru.’ says Fan-Ling ‘Jane enjoys spreading the word about the Guelph arts scene and integrates it into her life. She does it while waiting in line at the grocery store!’  

“Jane was the first to come to mind for Volunteer of the Month nomination.  Her generosity is well noticed by GAC staff.   She is a sharp writer with meticulous grammar.  Over the years she has contributed to many e-news articles for GAC, including ‘How to…’ articles, interviews, highlighting new artists, feature articles that celebrate local arts organizations or initiatives centred around the Guelph arts sector.  Jane inspires and shows leadership through actions in the way she welcomes and supports new volunteers by sharing skills and constructive feedback in a way that has everyone in the room asking, ‘How can we improve it’.”

‘Jane volunteers with grace and pleasure’ says Fan-Ling ‘She is an invaluable board member who is thoughtful and tactful with her feedback.  Thank you for sharing your time, knowledge and skills.’ 

GAC is thankful for all its volunteers.  They are a small charity and depend on support of volunteers and committee members to work towards their vision of cultivating a vibrant city that integrates the arts into all community building activities.  Events like Art on the Street and Doors Open Guelph would not be possible without the support of their volunteers, like Jane.  

To learn more about GAC or make a donation, visit  guelpharts.ca



Posted on October 1, 2020

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