About Group Volunteering


Group volunteering is versatile, and could include working alongside friends, neighbours, or colleagues. What differentiates group volunteering from independent volunteering is the teamwork necessary for its success.  Group volunteering involves working together with your group towards a common goal of community betterment. When groups come together to serve their community it makes an impact; as groups may accomplish projects quickly and get more done together than individuals alone. Volunteering may also impact how group members see each other and how the community views the group.

Group volunteering can occur as short term or one-time event, such as helping an annual community festival.  This is an excellent opportunity to support group bonding and give your group a new and memorable experience.  For groups that prefer an ongoing commitment, many opportunities are available, which will help the group to foster a deeper commitment to altruism.

The key to group volunteering is finding a common interest or passion among your group. Determining the “why” of volunteering will assist in creating a successful volunteer experience. Consider utilizing individual members’ unique skills, whether professional, artistic, active, or other.

There are a number of organizations in Guelph/Wellington waiting for groups like yours to help serve the community. To browse opportunities, click the button below and explore our Volunteer Database.

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