Glenna found a whole new world

Volunteering opened up a whole new world for me by providing me with a creative and inspiring outlet when I was working in a career in which I was uninspired. I met people with many different perspectives, backgrounds, and great personalities who have become close friends. I learned things about myself, and developed and discovered skills I hadn’t previously used. Most of all, I was able to see others’ lives change for the better as the result of volunteers’ actions.

When I discovered volunteering and its resulting positive impact, life became so much more rewarding and I was inspired to take a chance and make a career move into the charitable sector. As soon as I made that decision, opportunities presented themselves to me at The Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington. I made an impression on them as a volunteer and they made an impression on me – to the point that I am now fortunate enough to be their Executive Director.

– Glenna Banda, Executive Director, The Children’s Foundation

Photo and story courtesy of Chris Tiessen

Posted on October 14, 2015