Featuring Delbert Williams

Delbert Williams is the first of a 3 part series on the Young Professionals on Board program as we seek to appreciate participants, employers and local nonprofits and charities participating in this unique program. 

Entering into its 5th year, the Young Professionals on Board (YPOB) is aimed at connecting young professionals with established leaders in our community.  Young professionals, up to the age of 35 years, will be matched with mentors who sit on a local Board of Directors. This project will provide the opportunity for young professionals to learn about board governance and, with the assistance of a mentor, participate in the governance of a local nonprofit agency. The goal of the program is to increase community leadership capacity to support succession-planning for quality board leadership in the nonprofit sector.

Why Young Professionals on Board? Delbert became involved with YPOB while working for Pearl Street Communications. Pearl Street felt as though Delbert would greatly benefit from the program and would also be a great value add. After a hiatus brought on by work school and starting a family, this program excited Delbert as he was ready to volunteer again.

Standout moments… Although there were many marque moments, one that stands out for Delbert was during one of his first meetings with his board, when he was given the book ‘White Fragility.’ Immediately he was impressed with the work the board and the organization were doing to ensure that equality was their first foot forward into the community.

The experience… Delbert’s experience was “refreshing”, as it has allowed him to see how non-profits the size of Family Children Services Guelph Wellington function. Delbert mentions he continues to learn into his second year and has come to fully appreciate the role that a board plays in an organization.

“While I was scared at first walking into a board like FCSGW, they have welcomed me with open arms and encouraged me to speak and ask questions which has been powerful for my experience as a board member.”

Biggest takeaways… Always speak up and ask questions. Delbert’s board members were upfront in their expectations that he would not know everything about the organization, and they were helpful in his uptake on how to participate.

Outside of work and volunteering… Delbert is a big fan of American and Canadian Football on all levels. He also likes to take road trips with his family to discover new places and scenery around southern Ontario.

Many thanks to Pearl Street Communications who know the value of growth and development in their team members and the value of Board leadership in our community. 

Learn more about the work of Family and Children’s Services Guelph Wellington and how you can support this local organization .

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Posted on March 10, 2021

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