Exceptional Volunteers!

“We first became involved with the Snow Angels through our program called the Live & Learn Centre” share members, “a Community Life skills Program for adults with developmental exceptionalities. Jason Dudgeon is the owner and he got us involved with the Snow Angels and other various volunteer roles to teach us how to give back to the Community and help our fellow neighbours.”

In partnership with the City of Guelph PIN – The People and Information Network coordinate the Snow Angel program; a volunteer snow removal service for eligible seniors and persons with physical disabilities. “With help from a Snow Angel Volunteer, residents are able to stay in their home longer, maintain independence, peace of mind, accessibility and connection within their community” says Emily Vincent, Program Coordinator. “The spirit of the Live & Learn Snow Angels is inspiring; a positive experience and an opportunity to connect to the community.”

Group members share “we have enjoyed meeting our neighbours and making sure that they have a safe and accessible driveway. It really makes us feel like we are contributing to the City. It makes us feel positive, helpful and gives us a sense of pride and respect towards our senior community members. It really made us feel connected with people!”

Guelph is fortunate to have Snow Angel volunteers helping neighbours across the city and this Snow Angel team is an example of the commitment, generosity and caring; they recall “the first major snow storm – we were able to help with several homes and took it one step further and made sure that the driveways and front porch were salted so that none of the home owners felt concerned with leaving their homes and falling on the icy conditions. Jason communicated that he was extremely proud of us that we showed empathy and thoughtfulness towards the residents. The owners of the house were extremely appreciative and took the time to call the PIN Network to let them know how much they appreciated us enduring the cold weather and snowy conditions.”

When we are not volunteering, we like to socialize with friends, play sports, watch the Guelph Storm, take in the many local restaurants that the Guelph community offers. We love experiencing the arts at the River Run Centre and enjoy a good rival game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens. Go Leafs Go!

“We encourage people to connect with the PIN Network for volunteer experiences. It has made a tremendous impact on our lives knowing that we can contribute and showcase our ABILITIES to the Guelph Community.”

To learn more about Live and Learn, visit liveandlearncentre.ca

Posted on March 1, 2019