Evelyn is September’s Volunteer of the Month


It is with great sadness that we say good-bye to a cherished friend and volunteer, Evelyn Herron, who passed away this summer on Friday, July 8th. Evelyn was an avid volunteer with many organizations including the Volunteer Centre of Guelph/Wellington and the Guelph & Wellington Task Force for Poverty Elimination. We’d like to take this opportunity to honour her outstanding work in our community.

At the Volunteer Centre of Guelph/Wellington, she volunteered her time and talents for more than a decade. Every week she helped at the Centre’s front desk greeting visitors and was a tremendous support to staff through her tireless efforts conducting research for the Community Information Guelph program.

Evelyn also served as a member of the Guelph & Wellington Task Force for Poverty Elimination for over five years. Coordinator, Randalin Ellery, says, “during this time Evelyn proved to be an amazing advocate for those living in poverty, particularly among seniors and those living with disabilities. Her contributions, insights, and passion were incredibly valued by the Poverty Task Force and the community at-large, and her voice and tireless commitment will be greatly missed.”

Despite declining health, Evelyn always had a smile and could bring joy to our hearts through her ability to find humour in any situation. She was a caring person and the Guelph community was blessed by her presence.

Evelyn was a shining example of the spirit and positive impact of volunteerism in the Guelph community. She will be dearly missed.

A special thank you to Frank Valeriote for sponsoring this month’s award.

Posted on September 1, 2016