Employer Supported Volunteerism

Demand for corporate social responsibility (CSR) is growing. From purchases to choosing companies to work with, individuals are basing decisions on the values and actions of businesses. 

“Employer-Supported Volunteering (ESV) is typically one component of a corporate social responsibility strategy and ESV can be aligned with an employer’s Human Resources objectives, such as employee recruitment, retention and professional development.” – Volunteer Canada

Employer-supported volunteering encourages staff to volunteer their time to community causes. Employers provide the support and infrastructure for employees to volunteer during work hours. 

An example of successful Employer-supported volunteerism is The Co-operators and their ‘Volunteers in Action’ (VIA) program. As a strong leader in building and supporting team members , PIN is pleased to share examples of how The Co-operators is leading the way. 

“At The Co-operators, giving back to the communities in which we operate is part of what we do. It aligns with our corporate goals to lead with initiatives that address the unmet economic, social and environmental needs of Canadians and to enhance the resilience of Canadians and their communities. In keeping with our values and responsible corporate citizenship, The Co-operators encourages and supports employees to use their two company-paid volunteer days to pursue volunteer activities in their communities.

Across the country, our employee-led Volunteers in Action (VIA) committees help to engage and encourage employees to volunteer by connecting them to local volunteer opportunities and organizing ongoing volunteer and community fundraising activities. These committees are groups of employees in regional offices who are passionate about supporting their community through volunteering.

The Co-operators through its many community partnerships offers its employees opportunities beyond the two company-paid volunteer days including three month United Way Loaned representative roles, week-long co-operative youth camps and community board opportunities.

Below are some examples of how our employees are getting involved in volunteering.

With thanks to the leadership and support of The Co-operators, our community benefits from the passion, purpose and pursuit of Employer Supported Volunteerism. Visit The Co-operators’ Volunteers in Action link.

With thanks to the support of The Co-operators, PIN has developed an Employer Supported Volunteerism Toolkit

To learn more on how PIN can support Employer Supported Volunteerism for your business, visit our Corporate Consultative Services and contact Kim Cusimano, Executive Director at [email protected] or by calling (519) 822-0912 ext. 229. 

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