Dave Supports Community Changemakers!

Retirement can offer a blank canvas to create a beautiful visual of new opportunities, people and experiences. For Dave McConnell, retirement included volunteering and the opportunity to support several organizations including Action Read, The Elliott, Guelph Film Festival and Doors Open.

Guelph – Wellington provides many opportunities for individuals to volunteer; to become involved in your community, to learn more about the various community benefit organizations and the great work they do in the community. As Dave sought a new volunteer experience, he had heard about 10C and was interested in exploring more about this dynamic platform.

10C Shared Space is the hub for community changemakers in Guelph; a living lab for social change that provides conditions for community members, practitioners and researchers, working in collaboration, to explore ideas, create and sustain new initiatives and make discoveries.

As a Host with 10C, Dave greets visitors, is a conduit to connecting guests to organizations co-locating and provides information to an increasing number of people who are curious about the space. “David quickly became an important part of the 10C volunteer team” says Joy Sammy, Community Animator, “he is consistent and takes on new tasks and responsibilities helping the 10C community get more done each day. David often fills in for other volunteers and volunteers outside of his regular host shift to help out at events. He is an ambassador for 10C and a pleasure to have in the community.”

This welcoming and vibrant space attracts many changemakers. As Dave shares “What stands out for me is the opportunity to meet so many progressive people, both individuals and organizations. It is a dynamic space and amazing to see the community work developing in the heart of the city.”

As an active, socially conscious individual, Dave appreciates the collaborative aspect of 10C and the ability to walk to and from his volunteer experience. Choosing volunteer experiences that align with your interests, values and availability assists in achieving a successful match for both the individual and the organization. For Dave, he appreciates the “collective, intertwined and diverse group of people who are actively involved in the community” and it is clear he is a valued member of the 10C team.

Volunteering is one of many of the meaningful components in Dave’s life; from family to book clubs, film clubs, cycling and kayaking, Dave enjoys life.

To learn more about 10C, visit 10carden.ca

Posted on October 2, 2018

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