A Message to our Community.

Our office is closed until further notice due to COVID19. 

Team members at PIN continue to work remotely and accessible via email. Phone messages will be checked each weekday.    

PIN – The People and Information Network recognizes that in times of community distress many individuals want to be of assistance, helping where there is need. In almost every form of emergency, the offer of help and willingness to gather to get things done is appreciated. In a pandemic, this is not the case.

Physical distancing is the recommended course for containing virus spread.

We also know that social isolation can be very damaging and that this is a time when we need to be conscious of people in need within our families, social circles, and neighbourhoods. One to one contact is not advised, but check in calls, emails and social media contact can be very helpful. Adding regular connecting via technology is a great way for individuals to help.

On PINnetwork.ca, formal volunteer roles and community organization needs are changing rapidly. The ability of charities to respond to volunteer applications is limited by preparations for the new and rapidly changing service reality.

Here is how you can help:

  1. Spread human kindness. As Brene Brown states, ‘we are all hard-wired for connection’. That includes all of us. Take care of yourself so you can take care of others. 
  2. Start with your immediate social circles; family, friends, neighbours. Check in, connect and call by phone or video. 
  3. Can you order groceries and provide a porch drop off, send a daily big wave from across the street, share inspirational quotes in your window or online, appreciate health care workers through the daily evening pots and pans thank you or help grow the ‘gratitude garden‘ 
  4. Watch our social media pages; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter for updates.
  5. Subscribe to our weekly e-listing of volunteer opportunities.
  6. Create a profile on our database for opportunities that match your interests now and in the future.

Immediate volunteer needs:

Homeless and Food Insecure Population:

Mental Health:

If you choose to volunteer, formally or informally, we want you to be safe. Learn about the Volunteer Canada – Volunteering During COVID19 

At PIN, we vision a world where strong and welcoming communities are connected through volunteerism, information sharing and leadership development.

We believe in the strong, welcoming spirit of our community and we thank you for your care and support. If you or those close to you need supports, please visit our Community Information database, a free resource of more than 1300 records of human essential services. 

In gratitude and well wishes, 

Kim Cusimano, Interim Executive Director


Updated May 26, 2020

Posted on May 26, 2020