COVID did not stop Jair Calva from volunteering!

COVID did not stop Jair Calva from volunteering! With an interest in data and a passion for community, Jair began volunteering with PIN – The People and Information Network during the pandemic virtually.

“For me”, shares Jair, “PIN has been a place of opportunities, even in this challenging time that we are facing. In my case, they gave me the opportunity of volunteering virtually. I have had the chance to meet extraordinary people, to keep improving my English as a second language and the most important: be part of the community.”

Through volunteering, Jair has supported PIN’s Community Information pillar of work. Researching, connecting with essential human services for updates to the Community Information database. Ensuring the community has access to accurate, vetted and trusted information is priority for the program.

“Beginning database work remotely isn’t easy!” says Natasha Wilson, Community Information Coordinator, “but Jair has shown his commitment to learning and completing tasks associated with maintaining and updating information in our Community Information over the past months. Recently the Community Information program has transitioned to a new platform and become part of a larger provincial database. In assisting with this transition, Jair has not only completed the online training independently, but helped staff navigate the new database and establish processes associated with communicating and updating the data.”

“I always have worked with socio-economic data and, it is very satisfying to apply my professional experience as an economist to my volunteer activities” says Jair. “As a volunteer, I am continuously learning in a personal and professional way. I am very happy and proud being a member of the PIN team.”

Volunteering can be a gateway to opportunity.

PIN is grateful for the gifts of skill, teamwork and commitment Jair brings to the organization. With his knowledge and experience, Jair was the perfect candidate for the Canada Summer Jobs role of Data Administrator and as the Canada Summer Jobs ended in July, PIN is pleased to welcome Jair on an extended part time contract to continue to support the Community Information pillar.

Jair’s experience is a great example of how volunteering can open doors and acts as a gateway to opportunity such as employment. Volunteering not only gives to community, it is reciprocal. From practicing your English skills to gaining hands on experience, building connections, networks and more, volunteering is good for individuals and good for community.

“I am very grateful to Jair!” shares Natasha, “his dedication to the role and keen eye has been so helpful with troubleshooting and finding next best steps.”

Thank you, Jair. PIN appreciates you and your efforts to assist in providing information for our community. Learn more about Community Information in our community at

Community Information has a long history with its inception through the United Way Guelph Welling Dufferin and subsequently PIN in 2004; we are a proud data partner with 211, The Healthline and FindHelp and we believe everyone should have access to the services they need to grow and prosper.

Posted on July 31, 2021

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