Become a COVID Community Changemaker!

Become a COVID Community Changemaker!
PIN – The People and Information Network leading volunteer recruitment initiative.

As a result of the City of Guelph Emergency Fund, PIN will lead a volunteer recruit and deploy initiative to support local nonprofits and charities with COVID volunteer needs.

“In recent Volunteer Canada research, 56% of respondents who submitted an application to volunteer during COVID had not heard back from the organization” says Kim Cusimano, Interim Executive Director. “This may have been as a result of program and event closures across the country, rapidly evolving change with increased service demand and decreased staffing from revenue loss.”

PIN – The People and Information Network, formerly the Volunteer Centre of Guelph Wellington, has developed a central streamlined portal to recruit ‘COVID Community Changemakers’; individuals who want to volunteer in support of the ongoing volunteer needs of nonprofits and charities during the pandemic.

“This initiative will support overarching intake, initial screening and provide a referral roster for organizations in 3 key areas – virtual, light touch, high touch roles” says Cusimano, “and the initiative is intended to be a supportive partner to help close any gaps of volunteer interest versus volunteer action.”

In 2018, 12.7 million Canadians engaged in formal volunteering, with a total of 1.6 billion hours of their time given to charities, non-profits and community organizations—equivalent to almost 858,000 full-time year-round jobs. – Statistics Canada June 2020. “Volunteerism is a common thread that weaves throughout our communities and across the county” says Cusimano, “the community benefit sector needs this vital resource now more than ever and as we continue to manage through this pandemic, there is a need for action and an elevation of volunteerism.”

“Volunteerism builds community” says Kim, “Neighbours helping neighbours strengthens connections and resilience, the resilience of communities and the human spirit. During this precarious time communities need to be more connected, feel connected; volunteering is a key connector that bonds.”

This initiative launches today and runs through to March 31, 2021

Click here to become a COVID Community Changemaker.

Posted on October 1, 2020

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